Three Lincoln Park luxury home sites – a cheery Orchard check-off

Last August we looked in on a 44-foot wide lot at 1859 N Orchard, pictured above, where a developer had paid $2,550,000 to acquire four condominium townhomes and proposed to build a home on the site for $6,950,000. The to-be-built home is still listed at that price. Earlier this year the property was also listed for sale as vacant land at a price of $3,300,000.

Just a few doors north, at 1909 N Orchard, BGD&C paid $4.5M to acquire all 11 units in the Orchard Village condominium. The site’s RM-5 zoning would allow development of a more than 18,000 square foot home.

Memory lane: I wrote the original condominium declaration for Orchard Village in the mid-80s. The property was renovated and converted by Ken Morton, a genuinely wonderful man who died far too soon from cancer. Ken was a hands-on guy who scoured junk shops for replacement hardware for the original wooden window sashes at the property, and did the repairs himself. In his day job Ken was a senior executive with a global manufacturing and distribution company.

BGD&C is offering custom-designed homes for sale on a sprawling parcel further north in the 1900 block of Orchard. Permits were recently pulled for a single-family home at 1955 N Orchard, and a foundation was being excavated yesterday when I visited the site.

Apologies for the headline pun.


  • I’m not suggesting any restrictions, but it’s a shame to lose all those units. It’s nice to have more density and diversity of housing for Lincoln Park business and culture.