Touring a new single-family priced under $800K in West Bucktown

This new single-family home at 1706 N Rockwell St west of Bucktown features three to five bedrooms, 3.5 baths, a family room, a theater room, and a ton of well-selected upgrades that are standards with its builder. It also has something that buyers say is missing in most homes priced under $800,000 — a real master bath with ample space, whose highlights are widely separated dual vanities and a fill-from-the-ceiling tub.

Join Joe Zekas and Sergio & Banks‘ Melissa Govaderica for a walk through the home in this sponsored video.


  • js 8 years

    this is Humboldt Park. still gangs around. stop making up neighborhoods.

  • js

    It is Humboldt Park, and when we’re writing on our own that’s what we call it.

    But – this is clearly marked as a sponsored post and we don’t get to dictate what our advertisers call the neighborhoods they do business in.

    We would not – and have not – allowed an advertiser to misrepresent a property’s location, e.g. by calling this location Bucktown.

    We’ve railed against the West Bucktown designation often enough in the past, but who can be certain that the name won’t come to be accepted over time?

    There’s a neighborhood group for West Bucktown that’s been in existence for a number of years, and the “West Bucktown” usage for the area in question appears to be becoming more common.

    Quite a few Chicago neighborhoods – including Bucktown itself – began life in exactly this fashion, with a small group of locals and Realtors carving out a different identity from a larger neighborhood.

    There are gangs in lots of neighborhoods, including some whose names I don’t think you’d either object to our using or object to our failing to mention their presence.

  • Wilson 8 years

    Hey Joe, you should find a summer intern next year, take out a nice insurance policy on them and then send them out to find all the local gangs and interview them on their views of their neighborhoods real estate. Now that would be a good read… if your intern makes it back that is.

  • Wilson,

    Are you applying for the position, or did you have someone to nominiate?

  • Who made the cabinets already???