Touring South Shore: Terror Town's troubles

For South Shore to rebound, someone will have address the problems of “Terror Town,” an area plagued with boarded-up buildings and open-air drug markets, says Jeff Heilbrunn. Heilbrunn, a marketing adviser for Builders Center of Chicago, grew up in this section of South Shore — a four-block by four-block zone bounded by 75th Street, 79th Street, Yates Boulevard, and Colfax Avenue — back in the ’50s and ’60s. He took me through some of its streets last week in search of his old home on Colfax.


  • thelee 8 years

    That’s such an odd thing about Chicago neighborhoods – if I hadn’t know that that area was called “Terror Town” I’d have never known it was a bad place to be. Especially during the late spring, when all those old trees are blooming leaves, it’d look pretty genteel.

  • There is a lot of rehabs to be done there in South Shore. Hopefully those boarded up properties aren’t in terrible shape.

  • For South Shore to improve it’s going to need people. People to shop at the retail.

    That means renovated and new housing.

    Seeing the board ups in that video is a sad thing.

    Some of the larger buildings shown probably could house over a hundred people apiece. Multiply the board ups in that video by a thousand and one can see how the census is projecting the city to lose approximately 200,000 people from the last census.

    It reminded me of parts of Albany Park ten years ago and Uptown 20-25 years ago.


  • PhylS 3 years

    I grew up in this neighborhood . There is no better place to live in the city of Chicago. It has everything an urban neighborhood needs…easy access to the lakefront with beautiful sand beaches and parks, availability of transportation to downtown, close proximity to museums, athe cultural center and golf courses. I am sad to see how many parts of South Shore have deteriorated, but am hopeful that residents will understand how lucky they are to live here, and restore it to a safe and viable place for all.