Video of the day – artistmac goes to Wal-Mart

Get in the car with artistmac and drive from the South Side to Chicago’s first Wal-Mart. Hear one man’s take on the Big Box Ordinance along the way.


  • LOL!!! This was one of my favorite videos. The views for this video and some of his others are going to shoot up now.

  • Hi, Joe,

    Great to have lunch and talk with you this afternoon.

    Here’s my phone and fax: P: (773)373-3015, F: (773)373-6051

  • Hi, Joe,

    Great to talk and have lunch with you today.

    Here’s my phone and fax: P: (773)373-3015, F:(773)373-6051

    If you got this twice, my e-mail’s acting kind of wonky.