Want to join a real estate slime wave?

If you’re not very bright, have no self respect, and don’t mind committing the occasional crime, Schwab Property Solutions has a job for you.

You can start out by acquiring multiple gmail accounts and get paid $1 per live ad for spamming Craigslist with repetitive ads. If your ad leads to the sale of a property you’ll be paid $100. You’d need a broker’s license to work on a pay-per-lead basis, but there’s no indication that Schwab requires you to have one – or any evidence that Schwab has one.

If a buck an ad doesn’t pay your bills you can become a “BANDIT SIGN POSTER” and illegally litter the public way for $10 an hour plus a gas allowance and $250 per successful lead. Again, Schwab doesn’t require you to have the requisite broker’s license to accept payment-per-lead, and gives you no warning that you can be fined or arrested for planting commercial signs on public property.

From those menial tasks you can advance to positions where you’re almost certainly acting as a real estate broker and committing misdemeanor violations of the Illinois Real Estate License Act if you aren’t properly licensed.

According to Schwab’s LinkedIn profile, Schwab Property Solutions “is the premier real estate investment company in Chicago specializing in reverse wholesaling nationwide. The mission statement for our company is to bring order to the chaos of the real estate industry with systems and checks/balances in place.”

Schwab self-describes as a “serial entrepreneur.” His longest-running enterprise, RaveWaves Inc was recently involuntarily dissolved. Schwab recently lost the address he’s listed at in the RaveWaves corporate record in a foreclosure. The McHenry County Recorder’s office lists apparently unsatisfied state and federal tax liens against him. That doesn’t seem like a great position from which “to bring order to the chaos of the real estate industry.”


  • Brandon 5 years

    Congratulations Joe! You clearly have plenty of time on your hands to write an article about someone that you have never met or spoken to.

    I’m a serial entrepreneur because I started RaveWaves when I was 15 years old. In 2008 when RaveWaves lost a huge contract detailing RV’s we made a move into property preservation which eventually lead into real estate wholesaling.

    Real estate wholesaling which clearly you know nothing about does NOT require a brokers license because there is cooperation through a accepted agreement to purchase the property. In that time frame from accepted agreement til closing, a real estate wholesaler can market it’s interest or equity in this deal to others for a profit. This ALL can be legally and without a real estate license.

    And to your point about my Died In Leiu on my house you so kindly made public, was exactly what I started Rent2Own911 because I like many other Americans went through tough times like Job Loss, Divorce, other hardships that created tough times especially when my Adjustable Rate Mortgage adjusted from 2.5% to 5% where payments doubled. When I was faced with the situation of either feeding my family or paying the mortgage I had little choice to give the home back to the bank.

    When I was in that situation, I felt alone and ashamed for being there like many others have felt or are feeling right now. Since then, I have reflected on that event and now help people discover their 8 options by making information readily available at BrandonSchwab to help them make informed decisions. My company today specializes in Lease Options helping buyers and sellers navigate home market without credit checks or using banks. So for you to make such an idiotic article about someone that you have never met because of an ad on CL I posted to help people may God bless your soul. Instead of getting angry I’ll pray for you and God’s blessing on your life.

    One day you’ll be judged for judging others. If anybody has any questions about this negative article please contact me directly at [redacted by editor] and I’ll be happy to send you positive articles in the newspaper and countless case studies of people that have been blessed with home ownership again despite their credit score or other methods bank use to “judge” people.

    One couple 27 years old got access to a 4 bedroom 2 bath house for only $20,000 down with no credit check or bank qualifying and now own $200,000 of which they finished the basement with extra big bedroom and full bath ($15K repair cost). This home currently now appraises for $300-330K so Joe where else could this couple with bad credit and no hope of qualifying today obtain $100,000 of equity in a house, peace of mind and secure their future. Not to mention, the house they got into has been seasoned for 10 years which means 10 years of interest paid (approximately 2/3 of interest due) is not a huge savings for them of approximately $400,000 compared to getting a brand new 30 year fixed loan.

    Congratulations Joe Zekas! You have told my story exactly to let others realize how I got to where I am at today. Through God’s blessings, I can now help others in need (like I once was) navigate their options more precisely and make informed decisions.

    • lisa 3 years

      I did meet you and you are a liar and a thief. And I plan destroying you.

  • Brandon,

    I’ve removed all of the links from your comment.

    No one who has any sense should ever contact you. And no one should accept your bogus claims about not needing a real estate license.

  • Brandon 5 years


    Why this website allows you moderate comments is beyond me when you can put whatever you want to. For anyone that is reading this article should at least be able to form their own decision what to believe and you monitoring the full picture is bogus.

    Your opinion in the comment above is yours and yours alone. Keep it to yourself as no one asked for your thoughts. From your comments, I would bet you are a real estate broker or managing broker that has been trained with horse blinders on. Again good luck on life if your time is spent throwing mud.

    For anyone reading this article, I’m sorry and encourage you to contact me directly at 815-790-2330.

  • Brandon,

    I’m not a real estate broker and I run this website. I monitor it to protect people against scam artists – which is what you appear to be.

    Your bets about me are as good as the other losing bets you’ve placed.

  • Brandon 5 years

    Interesting way to get people to your website. Others use SEO, Pay Per Click and you use throwing mud about people within the community. Without this slandering post about me, I never would of visited this site. One day you’ll be judged

  • This is an effort to protect people by steering them away from your site, not an effort to attract them to this one.

    People will judge those who offer informed opinion and undisputed facts one way, and those who characterize that as “mud” another way. Life is good.

  • Larry Zaleski 5 years

    What I never understood about Brandon is that he stoops to these lows, yet uses a religious slant to his advantage whenever possible.

  • John Streeter 4 years

    This message is for Joe Zekas, you obviously don’t know how assignable contracts work. If you did you wouldn’t be claiming that what Brandon is doing is against the law. These types of contracts allow you to do everything you can to sell or otherwise do business with properties without being a broker. These are alternatives to sellers that don’t want to use realtors. They have by contract the legal right to advertise or use any other method to sell the contracted property, and not have to be a broker. I suggest that before you start mud slinging that you know what you are talking about……..

  • John Streeter,

    Even if I hadn’t spent 5 years practicing law at a major law firm (which I did), I’d be able to see through the ruse you’re advocating as an end-run around the Real Estate License Act.

    You’ve obviously been duped.

  • Anonymous 4 years

    Brandon Schwab is a scam artist. He takes peoples money claiming to invest it and offer great returns on your money but in reality he takes the money and you don’t ever see your money again. If he approaches you don’t take my word for it bring the paperwork he wants you to sign to your attorney. If he tries to do a rent to own on your property he will not pay you if he is doing a sandwich lease option and he leases everything so you can never collect on him BEWARE!

    • Mary 3 years

      BEWARE isn’t strong enough! This crook owes me thousands of dollars and has promised “on a stack of bibles” to send me a certain amount of money each month. Never seen a penny. He’s a liar and a thief and should be in jail!

  • It is, hopefully, obvious that anonymous commenters have no credibility.

  • anonymous 3 years

    Joe and Mary,
    thank you for getting it out there that brandon schwab is a liar and a thief. He steals from his employees, makes them feel horrible when they ask for their wages, and hides behind his christianity as if its a shield blank slates. Notice he said his ARM was going from 2.5-5% he couldnt even honor a debt he rightfully signed on to. Why would he honor paying his partners and employees.. joe keep moderating the truth about this scum.

    • anonymous,

      I hold anonymous commenters who slam people in as low a regard as the people they slam. Your behavior is also sleazy.

  • Lisa 3 years

    I am a victim of this man. He said we were buying a house for 329 told the seller her could get her 307. He gave him a down payment check for 23,500.00. He gave the seller 3,000 and the other 20.500 went in his pocket. He said that it went 100% to the purchase of the home. No it did not. He never gave it to the bank or the seller. He thinks because he manipulated the numbers to get us a good deal then that is the down payment That money should have been put down on the 307 that the deal was make for. He paid himself 20,500 dollars. He refuses any conversations with me and will not tell me where he put the money. I need help to get this back any suggestions. It is not beneath me to put his face all over social media and tell my story. And to Brandon your a liar, and thief. You used your religion to convince us you were a good man. I want my money back. And your contract is void there are several things on it that are incorrect. Manup and give back my life savings.

  • David 3 years

    I am another victim but I am not waiting for the money he has promised over and over, I will be taking him to small claims court with in the next month. This scam artist has to stopped. His judgement day will come. He needs to be in JAIL.

    • David,

      I hope you realize just how difficult and time-consuming it can be to collect on a small claims court judgment.

      If you genuinely feel that the behavior was criminal you might want to contact the State’s Attorney’s office.

    • lisa 3 years

      we need as many people complain to the attorney general as we can find. I have the paperwork as I write this and I am filling it out. It is online you can either file online or print it out.

  • the urban politician 3 years

    To be honest, Joe, I have sort of been scammed by somebody but not this guy.

    I have contacted the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Illinois and they did nothing.

    Government only cares about scam artists who rip off the Government. Everyone else is on their own.

  • tup,

    You might have better luck with the State’s Attorney’s office locally.

  • John 3 years

    The best thing to do with a situation of this magnitude is to contact the irs with your concerns. If he is this fraudulent with his business you can assume he is fraudulent with his taxes as well. I would recommend you contact your lawyers and have them send a letter to the irs with your concerns and they will, albeit slowly, start the process of putting this criminal in jail. Not to mention ensuring that he pays what he owes as I am sure this debt monger is just buying time until he can declare bankruptcy again. Fortunately that will not void the back taxes he surely owes. Your state attorney general will likely be ineffective in this matter.