What’s up with Flats Chicago?

In mid-June we were told that Flats Chicago’s projects at 2500 N Clybourn and 7722 N Ashland would be ready for occupancy in early July. That hadn’t happened when we visited on July 4 for the above shot.

We stopped by all of the Flats Chicago projects about 10 days ago and they all remained in varying states of disarray, similar to what we’d seen a month earlier, although 7722 N Ashland appeared nearly ready for occupancy. The only visible change at 2500 N Clybourn since July 4 was fresh graffiti on the site fencing.

If you’re in the neighborhood of a Flats Chicago project, post a comment if you see signs of occupancy at any of the buildings. If you’re considering renting in one of the buildings, be skeptical of promised occupancy dates.

Added: I stopped by 2500 mid-morning today. The graffiti is gone, but the property is still fenced in with no signs of progress.


  • Erin Pearson 5 years

    I live by the Uptown Wilson Flats building and it has been at a standstill for about a year I think. All that looks to have been done is putting up the gray FLATS fencing. There is a large outdoor patio associated with the location and it has completely been overrun with weeds. I tried reaching out to them and have no gotten a response.

  • Link N. Parker 5 years

    I hope that they do move forward with the Clybourn property; I, myself am interested in leasing a unit there. The most recent date I got from Flats Chicago is a November 1 move-in date for that building (works perfectly for me).

  • Link N. Parker 5 years

    By the way, I called FLATS about 2 weeks ago, looking for info on when the Clybourn property will be renting, the individual I spoke to, “Shawn”, advised me that they will ready for a November 1 move in date; ok fine, that works for me. I asked him to let me know more info about the units and he said he will call me back the next day. I never got a phone call, so I tried reaching him over the past couple weeks, and cannot get him to pick up his phone or call me back. I finally called again, and got a hold of a leasing agent (different person than Shawn this time). However, this leasing agent told me that she “cannot find this property in her computer”. She explained to me that she works for a centralized leasing office that supports dozens of landlords. There was no listing anywhere in her system for any of the properties on their website!!

    I am starting to think that FLATS is just doing minimal renovations, with the idea of flipping the entire portfolio (at a profit) to a developer who is serious about leasing the properties. The whole brand is just an elaborate scheme to flip properties.

  • Sally 5 years

    I am a neighbor of FLATS in Uptown and have been to their leasing center on Winthrop & Bryn Mawr. The lady there explained to me that they are accepting reservations for this property for Nov 1st but that the other projects are still being built. I don’t know much about Lincoln Park b/c I am interested just in Uptown but I’m pretty excited for what they have been working on. The unit she showed me is very cool and if they are all finished like this, as she said they would be, then I am thinking it will be worth the wait. I doubt they are delaying any of these buildings on purpose and from what I saw at the Winthrop building, they are definitely hard at work building the apartments.

  • Ravi 5 years

    I’ve called before with the same questions and talked to someone named Shawn who said they’ve been held up by the city with permits. As long as they have been there though, I hope they open soon. I am expecting a lot so hopefully the renovations are worth it.

  • A Resident 5 years

    Okay I’m going to chime in here, this is only for the negative comments. I am a resident of FLATS CHICAGO. Please do not be so quick to criticize and definitely do not underestimate this company. The gut rehabs are amazing, it’s a wonderful place to live. They also offer one of the more important qualities that most companies and the human race in general doesn’t—CARE! They actually CARE! So that’s “what’s up” with FLATS CHICAGO.

    • You live in the company? Not in one of its buildings?

      Your anonymous comment has zero credibility.

      Hint: companies that care don’t miss estimated delivery dates month after month.

      • A Resident 5 years

        If my anonymous comment meant nothing why did you take the time out of your day to respond???

        Hint: If nobody got back to you about a delivery date maybe they don’t want you here. Now leave me alone and go find somewhere else to live!

  • Soon to be Chicagoan 5 years

    Hi “A Resident” – I’m curious to what FLATS building you live in. I’m supposed to be moving into a FLATS property. I made my reservation, payed my deposit, and I’m waiting to sign a lease. The delivery date was supposed to be November 1, and clearly that’s not happening because some hold up with ComEd. They did let me know at the beg. of this month, but it is still an inconvenience, as you can imagine. Just wondering what your experience was like.

  • Soon,

    It’s very likely that “A Resident” is not a resident of a Flats building but a shill who’s come here to blow smoke or simply a troll.

    Last month Starr Plumbing filed a suit to foreclose a mechanic’s lien on the property.

    If I were you, I wouldn’t swallow the Comm Ed story without further inquiry.

    • Javier Babilonia 4 years

      Gosh, more and more articles!

      As an actual resident since July 28th, 2013, I can attest that the “gut rehabs” are not quite amazing. One thing is to look pretty and another thing is to look pretty on the outside and be pretty inside as well. My partner and I are renting at 7722 N Ashland and even though the units does look nice and is quite spacious, all the problems we’ve had do not make up to renew our lease.

      The parent company, whoever that may be, is not wiling nor interested in putting up any resources into fixing some MAJOR problems with some of the units. Insulation being a critical part of it.

      As I understand, this building was, allegedly, started as a project meant to be sold as condos but, as far as I know, the previous company went belly-up. Well, if FlatsChicago took over they have done a good job at fooling the eye because it is obvious that NO resources were put into finding out what was behind or inside the walls.

      Joe, feel free to contact me and I’ll give you something to write about. It’s not just our unit but others as well. Some of the neighbors have had frozen pipes and their places are as cold as an ice cream sandwich.

      • June 4 years

        Same here at 5411. It’s pretty on the surface but crappy in the inside. I’ve been living with a leaky ceiling and a broken shower since January 2014. It’s ridiculous.

  • June 4 years

    I am a current tenant at 5411. I would advise anyone to stay the heck away from renting anything from FLATS. I have a chain of emails that I can share if you need proof of what I’m currently going through with these place. Everyone that I’ve talked to in the building are having some sort of issues. Most of us are trying to get out of our leases by taking them to court for constructive eviction…it’s miserable to live in this place. The material they used to renovate this building are complete crap. Everything are calling apart (ceilings, bathroom, peeling floor, wifi issues, walls are paper thin) and many more. STAY AWAY FROM THEM. I thought BJB was bad but I’d rather stay in BJB teeny tiny 11 W Division units for that outrageous $1100 than staying at any of the FLATS.

  • Vince 4 years

    After reading through these comments, I am glad to see that I am not alone in the way I felt about living at the FLATS. I recently just moved out due to a number of construction issues and fails on behalf of the building managers and leasing agents. Never in my life have I been so frustrated living in a residence where I paid so much for staying there.

    There is a distinct difference between construction issues and the owners fixing the issues and those just stating that they are not going to fix the issues because they are “busy”. I get that there will be growing pains, but the issues that were present are ones that any contractor should have been able to foresee as being a potential issue.

    My advice to those interested in a FLATS property…..run as fast as you can! I wish I had done some research on the units before I jumped in and signed a lease.