What’s up with Rogers Park at EveryBlock?

What’s not up, apparently, is the tone of the discussions about Rogers Park that take place at EveryBlock, and that has led to cries of censorship and allegations that individuals have been banned.

Rogers Parkers have a history of conducting contentious debates online, often lacing them with personal attacks. Four years ago in July I questioned whether Rogers Park deserved its bloggers.

I normally bristle at any suggestion that “the media” bears much responsibility for the state of the housing market, despite the all-too-frequent negative slants on housing stats.

When it comes to Rogers Park, however, I’m inclined to sympathize with the real estate professionals who contend that some of the neighborhood bloggers are an unwarranted drag on property values, sales and rentals. Rogers Park has undeniable issues but, if some its bloggers are to be believed, it has no redeeming qualities.

My post provoked a lively discussion in our comments.

I’ll rephrase the question I framed years ago: does the tenor of online conversations about Rogers Park reflect the quality of life in Rogers Park?


  • Roger Spark 6 years

    This is not complicated. Some of Chicago’s more colorful characters started their usual personal attacks and crazed rantings on Everyblock. The folks at Everyblock warned them repeatedly then ultimately deleted their site access. Simple as that.

    Look at Craig Gernhardt. He was so mad that yet another RP establishment banned him that he resurrected his prior hate blog and now aims his web trantrums at Everyblock. He’s just mad at the latest RP establishment (this one being online) refused to put up with his behavior. All in all, his rantings are equivalent to a yapping little internet dog.

    Rogers Park is a great place to live; however, we do have our share of crazies. And the crazies love attention.

  • Yikes. Here we go again. Yes, I was banned. There’s no allegation there. That’s why I had to bring back the “Broken Heart.”

    Everyblock is nothing more than the old Forum49, but on steriods. They want Utopia in their net-residents, which surely isn’t the online — or real Rogers Park.

    That’s why Everyblock is going to follow the same slow death Forum49 did.

    It’s too bad, too. The site actually was decent before NBC bought it. Heck, I was one of there first “news mention” feeds.

    And, really, Joe. Do you really want to know what my favorite beach is?

  • As long as you ask, Craig – yes, I do.

  • I will stay on YoChicago topic, as to not be banned.

    I bought my condo in the late 90s for a very fair price. I looked at places in Uptown and Ravenswood, where I lived at the time, but one-bedroom’s were going upwards to $100.000, or more.

    I was looking in the $60,000 range. Cheap me.

    Connie Ables (Remax Rogers Park in the old Granada building) had a great unit in the 7400 North block of Winchester, and I laid a deposit down, (*Pottawatomie Park was perfect for my dogs) but she had permit probems and that deal fell through.

    Another realtor turned me on to my unit in the 1300 block of west Lunt, right in my range.

    So, after looking over the shit on Morse, and that freaking awesome beach at Lunt, I pulled the plug. I bought into the neighborhood.

    I’ll battle the drug dealers and gang-bangers on Morse Avenue all day and night. They won’t stop me from enjoying Lunt Beach with my dogs on any given morning.

    *Years later that park I wanted my dogs to enjoy is now an offical city dog park over in the corner, by the railroad tracks. I’m so happy Connie Ables was a complete fuck-up realtor. I would’ve been stuck in P-Stone gangster land – and had a tax-payer funded dog park, no one, including me, wants to go to.

  • Deeski 6 years

    I found EveryBlock at the beginning of year and though, oh great, Local News and Ideas ……

    It has not lived up to my expectations. EveryBlock seems like a good place to find a lost pet, but other than that?

    I have to agree with you that if you are researching a place to live and go by the users of EveryBlock Rogers Park, it makes it seem almost too dangerous and scary. I’ve lived in East Rogers Park for over 10 years and have never had a problem with crime (knocking wood here);

    Not to say the gang bangers aren’t a problem, but I would rather live here than anywhere else in Chicago.

    Is it just me, or does EveryBlock seem a bit racist? Seems like most of the users are caucasian (as am I but my husband is African American), and I find it disconerting when I see posts about “strange black man” or “group of three hispanics” …… come on, this is Rogers Park!! Isn’t this why we live here???? The diversity of people. ALL people. You can’t be scared of someone because they are different from you.

    I love to walk in your park, Greg, and just stroll along and listen to all the different languages being spoken. This is truly an amazing place we live in and I hope it never changes.

    Thank you all for your blogs; hopefully, people like me won’t just stop at one place but hunt for truth and balance. Everywhere has crime. Not everywhere is the kind of place you want to live in.

    One last thing — people at work ask me why I never take vacation and do you know what I tell them? I tell them that when I go home that the lake is 1/2 block away, I can see a tiny piece of the lake from my window, a beach is about 1000 feet away …….. every day I go home to my family and pets IS a vacation!!!

  • Roger Spark 6 years

    And there you have it. Classic Craig. Childish name calling and the sad, sorry mentality that he is actually some sort of caped crusader and not just another foul mouthed “internet tough guy.” The only thing Everyblock did was throw out the trash. Craig was banned from Everyblock for the same reason the local police won’t allow him into public meetings and nearly every bar and restaurant in Rogers Park stops him at the door and asks him to go elsewhere.

    He simply behaves like an angry, ill-mannered child to the extent he eventually threatens people with violence. I can’t imagine why anyone would tolerate his behavior in their community, virtual or otherwise.

    By the way, the “resurrection” of Craig’s Morse Hell Hole has also resurrected one of the most popular bar games in Rogers Park. RP locals place bets with each other to see who can get “Crazy Craig” to write the angriest blog post about them. You in, Joe?

    • I’m not in, Roger.

      Please get this discussion on the track that was intended – talk about Rogers Park, not about personalities.

  • Roger Spark 6 years

    One more thought: Want to know why Craig’s “Hell Hole” blog went away?

    Back when his crazy blog was “devoted” to trashing alderman Joe Moore, the magazine that Craig inherited from his father, Gay Chicago, was on the verge of dying. Craig was desperate for income. Joe Moore had the brilliant idea to buy the back cover ad space in Gay Chicago during the election. He knew that Craig couldn’t continue to bash a paying advertiser. So Craig’s blog shut down.

    Now that the election is long over and his publication has failed, back comes the Hell Hole!

    God, I love Rogers Park.

  • Bill Savage 6 years

    yeah, EB’s become kindergarten. I actually liked the site for nearly a year, but since no one is allowed to disagree, much less be disagreeable, it’s all lost kittens and vegan restaurant recommendations.

  • Captain Rogers 6 years

    Rogers Park is a dynamic, diverse and energetic community. Real estate values are very attractive. Rogers Park isn’t a sleepy neighborhood; it’s a lively community. Lively communities generate lots of social and intellectual electricity. Craig is one of our “characters” who makes some of the sleepy types feel uncomfortable. Rogers Park real estate is some of the best and most attractive in the city. EveryBlock is not representative of the community. It is a conservative, button down, gray flannel operation that is better suited to other places. Sleepy Hollow?

  • SheridanB 6 years

    Isn’t RP the, or one of the, most “bloggy” communities in the country? No wonder there is disagreement there.

  • Jeffrey Littleton 3 years

    EveryBlock is all trolled up in Uptown too just not as numerously as RP. There used to be a few regular real estate people on it but they never returned and I don’t blame them. The anonymity is the problem, nobody trolls in their own name really with a few exceptions.

    I’ve thought about this…how to de-troll? Maybe, not sure is it has been tried yet…a two-tiered comment section. One for verified commentators and one for the anonymous. A lot of people have very good reasons to be anonymous and contribute well. So how to verify? A hoop or two to jump thru would help maybe.

    The occasional “how is crime in the neighborhood” post is like a Rorschach test of sorts, not helpful. It is good for lost pets, heads up about the recurring door-to-door utility scam thing maybe.

    Ravenswood EB is surprisingly hostile and active, Pawar has enemies and they love EB.

    The older incarnation before it went silent for a couple years was better at closing abusive accounts, now it is kind of anything goes.

    I still post up on it all the time, the other blog in Uptown has kind of died out since it was built around a boogeyman/alderman who left office four years ago. For the most part people moved on since it is run by the current alderman’s people it has gone totally cupcake.

    I have four or five trolls who post after me everrrrrrytime, I mute them all because it is repetitive and kind of boring. I remember the old Uptown when people threw bottles at ya so I can handle it.

    I do the self-plug thing about my art on EB…it works…so take that haters.

    Cleaned up it could be better for the real estate professionals, but then it would compete with Yo Chicago….

  • Jeffrey Littleton

    I’ve deleted your recent out-of-the-blue personal assault on another commenter.

    This is a site about real estate and neighborhoods. If you don’t have anything to say about the topic at hand, don’t say anything.

  • Captain Video 3 years

    Is The Broken Heart of Rogers Park down again? Nothing has been posted there since August of last year.