Will NIMBYs howl at a packed Wolf Point meeting?

The latest email newsletter from 42nd Ward Ald. Brendan Reilly brings word of an upcoming public meeting to discuss plans for a proposed development at Wolf Point.

In typically Reillyesque phrasing, Ald. Reilly notes that “I have directed Hines Development Corporation and their team to start our community review process early, even before they take the initial step of filing a formal application with the City of Chicago.”

The details, from the newsletter:

The Applicant (Hines) has submitted a proposal for the development of three towers at this site, with Site “A” (West Tower) proposed as a residential, 525 foot tall structure containing 510 units and 200 parking stalls; Site “B” (South Tower) proposed as a 900 foot tall, mixed use structure containing 600 units and 885 parking stalls; and Site “C” (East Tower) proposed as a 750 foot tall, mixed use structure containing 200 parking stalls.

WHAT: 350 North Orleans (former Wolf Point site) Development Project

WHO: Hosted by Alderman Brendan Reilly, the River North Residents Association (RNRA) and the Fulton River District Association (FRDA)

WHEN: Tuesday, May 29th at 5:30 P.M.

WHERE: Holiday Inn, 350 West Mart Center Drive – Wolf Point Ballroom

Pending and proposed new apartment developments in downtown Chicago now total nearly 13,000 units.


  • jeff 6 years

    Translation: “I have directed Hines Development Corporation and their team to give me a large check.”

  • Dan 6 years

    I walk by this spot daily on my walk to the train and often thought that it was a terrible waste of space. A parking lot is horrible scar on the scenic river bend and just plain yucky! Not sure if all that residential space is necessary, but I like the idea of mixed use and perhaps this spot finding its roots as the city center.

    Ideally, the city would come in and buy the lot. There is zero park area in the river north area and placing a park on this lot would make Daniel Burnham smile. (not to mention all the condo owners.)

    “Make no little plans; they have no magic to stir men’s blood.”

    • CaptainVideo 6 years

      The ideal solution for this location is to tear down the apparel center and build an ultra high at that location. Ideally the tallest building in North America.

      In that case Wolf Point itself could be made into a park with a spectacular fountain in the middle. That would greatly enhance the appearance of this great location. Also this would become a major tourist attraction.

      Alas, that is not going to happen.

  • pedro 6 years

    Yes a park……

  • CaptainVideo 6 years

    Since one of the proposed buildings is almost a supertall, it would be much better to build a single supertall at this site instead of three non-supertalls.

    • CaptainVideo 6 years

      This would also leave room to make the remaining parts of Wolf Point into a park.