Yannell House is king of green new construction in Ravenswood

North ExposureVisit Michael Yannell’s state-of–the-art, zero net energy home in Ravenswood and you are greeted by great design, interesting angles and a pleasing nod and wink to modern construction.

Visit Michael Yannell’s web site Green Home Chicago and you’re greeted by a bazaar deep cut Boston song, “Corporate America”. At least the gentleman can build a house.

I jest of course about the overt anti-establishment song from the band that brought us “Peace of Mind” that my uncle and I use to sing while cruising around the north side looking for an open tennis court when I was fifteen years old. Back to the house.

Western ExposureThe premise of the Yannell House is that it should create as much energy as it uses. As “green” materials became a fad (and with their expensive prices possibly a short lived one for average developers) the Yannell house is the real deal. Dealing with the energy problem itself rather than focusing on a sales pitch for sustainable bamboo floors.

The home features geothermal heating and cooling, green roofs, solar energy panels and a “grey water/rain water harvesting system”.

Yannell House is not for speculation, but a personal endeavor to be enjoyed by it’s creator.

I’ve emailed and bumped into Mr. Yannell from time to time during construction of the home and he’s graciously invited me for a tour. The Ravenswood community is happy to have him and his house. And yes, he drives a Prius.

Interior Courtyard Exposure Courtyard

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