YoChicago launches 700 forums for Chicagoland neighborhoods and housing

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Well, maybe not all, but certainly a vocal subset of you with strong opinions about or interest in Chicagoland housing, neighborhoods and issues. Today YoChicago launched its forums, venues where you can quickly and easily ask questions, get answers, express ideas and join conversations.

How do these forums work? You can get the broad outine on our FAQ page, but the process is simple and intuitive. Simply click “Forums” on our top menu and go to. Choose a forum and follow the prompts to rant, rave, praise, complain. Roll up your sleeves and start a conversation about whatever’s stuck in your craw, ask a question, or put in your two cents at a discussion in progress.

Chicago ain’t no sissy town, and it ain’t windy because of the breezes off the lake. We recognize this at Yo, where we never make small plans. How many forums have we created? Nearly 700 and counting.

You’re interested in city neighborhoods? From Riverdale to Rogers Park, we’ve got you covered. Suburbs more your speed? We’ve brought every town from East Troy, WI to Portage, IN into the Chicagoland tent and established a forum for each. We have forums on topics ranging from the strip mall to City Hall, and if there’s a forum you’d like us to add, just send an e-mail. If it sounds reasonable, we’ll do it. At YoChicago, we are large. We contain multitudes. And then some.

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