1313 Lofts – the ultimate in bowling alley floor plans?

They’re called bowling alley floor plans based on their shape – long and narrow. They tend, due to their configuration, to lose a substantial percentage of their functional square footage to travel.

The majority of the 19 different floor plans at the soon-to-open 1313 W Randolph lofts fit the bowling alley definition, and are longer and narrower than almost any I’ve ever seen.

Five of the six “2-bedroom” floor plans, including the one pictured above, come up a bedroom short of meeting the definition of a 2-bedroom apartment. The space that’s labeled a “multipurpose room” on the plan doesn’t qualify as a bedroom under even the loose standards of the Chicago Building Code. The dimensions of the multipurpose room also appear to be misstated in the above floor plan.

It’s been my experience that apartments often have a very different feel once you’re inside them than the one you glean from their floor plans, so visit the space if you’re interested.

The 70-unit mixed-use Art Deco West Loop building does promise a rich set of amenities for a property its size, not the least of which is indoor heated parking. Close proximity to Ina’s (pictured below) is another plus.

Occupancy of the first units is scheduled for “early September.” The property offers studio, 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom loft apartments.

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