172 Chicago homeless programs get $49M in HUD funds

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development announced yesterday that more than $49 million in funding has been renewed for 172 existing Chicago-based programs to aid the homeless. In a news release, the grants were described as “a critical part of the Obama Administration’s strategic plan to prevent and end homelessness.” Illinois programs received more than $83 million in aggregate.

According to the news release:

Last week, HUD announced its 2011 “point in time” estimate of the number of homeless persons in America. Approximately 3,000 cities and counties reported 636,000 homeless persons on a single night in January of 2011, a 2.1 percent decline from the year before. This documented reduction in homelessness was noticed among all population groups including individuals, families, and those experiencing long-term or chronic homeless. In addition, HUD’s estimate reveals a 12 percent reduction in homelessness among veterans.

As we near the end of year eight of the City of Chicago’s 10-year plan to end homelessness, the Chicago Alliance to End Homelessness is creating version two of its plan to end homelessness.

Is anyone placing bets on whether 2051 will mark year 48 of the 10-year plan?

On a related note, I’ve been seeing real estate agent names among the defendants in foreclosure proceedings on what appear to be their personal residences.

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