235 Van Buren, new Loop condos in a food ocean

Some parts of Chicago are considered food deserts because of the lack of grocery and dining options nearby.

It’s fair to consider the immediate area of 235 Van Buren a food ocean.

For starters, there’s the South Loop Market on the first floor of this new high-rise condo at the edge of the Loop. This terrific convenience store stocks fresh bakery and makes a great sandwich.

Walk just 3 short blocks north or 3 short blocks east and you’ll find scores of restaurants, ranging from individually-owned and franchised fast food outlets to white tablecloth restaurants. You’ll find four Subways, four Dunkin Donuts, two McDonald’s and at least three Starbucks along your walk. If you’re missing a favorite, walk a block or two further and it’ll be there.

Take a brief look at the dining scene near 235 Van Buren in this sponsored video.

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