Looking for an elegant motorcar pavilion?

You’re in luck. There’s one coming to auction in “fabled Oconomowoc Lake.”

If you’re seeking a six-car garage, you’re also in luck – for that’s what’s being billed as an “elegant motorcar pavilion.”

If you’re looking for a “fabled” vacation getaway, that’s another story. It’s been a while since I’ve been to Oconomowoc Lake. It didn’t have the makings of fables then – not even for drunken fishermen – and I doubt it has them now.

The press release announcing the auction and an auction site listing are models of pretentious hyperbole.

The main home is French Country Style and the proportions are perfect; the house sits in sumptuous harmony with the land, is generously comfortable and elegant rather than ostentatious. One’s line of vision is drawn towards the clear lake waters and postcard sunsets. The house allows light and natural beauty to pervade. Once inside, you feel nurtured.

Fine and Company will be conducting the auction.

The word “elegant” is, to my way of thinking, one of the most annoyingly and indiscriminately used words in the real estate lexicon. As you can see from the above video, not everyone agrees.

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