Gang's youthful perspective makes Aqua fresher

Click for larger imageWhat fresh perspectives might a young architect bring to the Chicago skyline in 2006? Well Jeanne Gang tells Yo that she and her crew at Studio / Gang / Architects infused their groundbreaking Aqua, at Lakeshore East, with design that emphasized outdoor living.

“Our team is part of a younger generation that likes to have simplicity and access to the outdoors,” Gang said. “At our office we have an outdoor courtyard, even though we’re on the second floor, and we use it all the time. Everyone in our office who worked on this project would love to live there. We made it what we wanted it to be. In all of our work, we’re looking for that place where you bring the outdoors in, or bring the indoors out. When we designed the amphitheater at the Starlight Theater (in Rockford), we gave it a kinetic roof that opens up to the stars in fair weather.”

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