The South Loop, from the country’s hottest neighborhood to Chicago’s Las Vegas

When our then-editor Barry Pearce picked up his copy of the June 2007 issue of Chicago Magazine, he was “astounded … to learn that the South Loop is pretty much perfect.” The issue’s cover touted the neighborhood’s “booming real estate … hip restaurants … exploding population … Welcome to the hottest neighborhood in the country.”

The South Loop has developed quite a bit in the interim, but Barry’s take still resonates with many residents:

In our experience, even the most ardent fans of the South Loop have some serious complaints. Some complain about the fact that there aren’t more shops and restaurants and bars and churches – in short, that there still isn’t enough of the stuff that makes a neighborhood a neighborhood.

In February of 2009 Coldwell Banker’s David Hall called the South Loop “our Las Vegas,” but called attention to its advantages.

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