The legend of Moody's Pub

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The ski lodge-style open fireplaces, the wood plank booths with the burnt-orange vinyl padding, the stained glass signs over the bathrooms, the candles that cast a flicker of light over the dark surrounds. God bless Moody’s Pub, which opened in 1959 and moved to its present location in about 1972. Long may the 1970s reign over 5910 N Broadway.

My camera wouldn’t do justice to the dimly lit interiors of this neighborhood institution, which does an honest trade in burgers, sandwiches, steaks, beers and mixed alcoholic drinks, known as “Fireside Fantasies.” It’s the kind of place Ron Burgundy would be proud to call his local. Perhaps the highest praise comes from this online reviewer: “Eventually, should I ever run for political office, this will be my cold-weather campaign headquarters.”

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