Is Edgewater's Statesman removed from lives of ordinary citizens?

5601 Cropped.jpg Across the street from the Edgewater Beach Apartments stands –or floats — The Statesman, at 5601 North Sheridan Road. If Chicago is the city in a garden, this architect must have thought, why not design a high-rise in a garden? The garden in question forms an awkward base for this tower, creating a stilted canopy that covers the street entrance. The Statesman’s suspended design breaks rank with the Sheridan Road corridor’s pedestrian environment, described by the building’s Web site as “Edgwater’s condo canyon,” but it does so in a fairly awkward fashion.

Milton Schwartz & Associates designed 5601 N Sheridan Rd, which was finished in 1963, a decade after completion of the same firm’s 320 West Oakdale building, which has a similar canopy. Both overhangs protect the street entrance area from the elements but also create a chilly, clumsy removal of the dwellings from the street.

Still, for 300 grand, you can get this two-bedroom at The Statesman and start living like a diplomat.

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