757 Orleans still looking for its next 20 buyers

757 Orleans at Chicago, 757 N Orleans St, Chicago

This morning’s listing update from Redfin spotlighted several “new” listings at 757 Orleans. The listing copy describes the project as a “popular River North building” and recites a number of incentive offerings for the next 20 buyers. Here’s what we wrote, just 6 weeks ago, about a similar offering for the next 20 buyers:

The high-rise condos at 757 N Orleans in Chicago’s River North neighborhood first came to our attention back in March of 2006.

We wrote about the 198-unit project frequently while it was under construction, since we could monitor progress from our office window.

The project has offered lease-to-own programs, “huge price cuts” and a variety of incentive offerings over the years. It is currently offering a number of incentives “to the next 20 buyers.”

According to the Cook County Recorder‘s office, 66 units have closed at 757 Orleans, putting the project exactly at the one-third mark.

Unit 1012, a 2-bedroom, 2-bath, is listed at $429,373, parking included. According to Redfin, the last price adjustment on the unit was 3 years ago. Is price the issue at this building?

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