Renting above a Chicago restaurant: deliciously good or unsavory?


Yo recently noticed a few “For Rent” signs for apartments located above restaurants on Clark Street, like P.S. Bangkok, above.

Living in an apartment above a restaurant seems like a cute idea. If there’s no food in the fridge, you can just walk downstairs and let someone else do the cooking.

But Yo has to wonder about a few things. Aromas of Thai, Mexican, Chinese or Italian waft outside of said restaurants, but they also waft upstairs. Does the furniture have a permanent stench of Kung Pao? Do air-fresheners help?

And after smelling the same dishes night after night, do tenants eventually become sick of a particular style of food and resolve to swear off it for life?

But what really troubles us is the thought of a fire erupting in that big restaurant kitchen downstairs. What becomes of your apartment if the restaurant below you burns to a crisp? More importantly, what becomes of you? Chicago’s restaurants are, of course, subject to city fire codes, but how well are these things even regulated?

Yo’s looking for people who can dish on the pros and cons of living above a restaurant. Send us your stories and suggestions.

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