Life aboard The Grand Central in Lincoln Park


Living above a bar takes some getting used to, with all that music blaring, and the people in line outside being loud and obnoxious. But what’s it like to live above a bar and next to the el? Sure, it sounds convenient; the nearest watering hole is right downstairs and public transit is steps away. But we wonder what it’s like for people who rent above the aptly-named The Grand Central, in Lincoln Park?

These poor people presumably get a double-whammy of noise. Not only are there all those Trixies and Chads yelling as they enter or leave this bar, there’s also the red line rumbling past the windows all night. Or does it get to a point where rumbling el trains and obnoxious frat boys soothes one to sleep? Yo’s Joel Hoglund, who lives near an el line, admits the CTA’s “doors closing” recording has made its way into his dreams from time to time. But he doesn’t live above a bar, so we don’t know if he dreams about frat boys too. If any readers are in similar situations with double the noise, send us your stories.

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