A $5.25M Northfield home built in 2013 and completed in 2010

According to the current listing, the 7-bedroom home at 2202 Martin Ln in Northfield was built in 2013 and spans approximately 21,000 square feet. The listing has been active at Redfin for 194 days.

The home was complete, except for a few finishing touches, when I walked through it and shot a video in December of 2010. The video was later removed from public view at the request of the owner when the home was taken off the market.

At the time of my walk-through the home was listed as 20,000 square feet in size. Perhaps it’s been expanded in the interim.

The home is currently listed at $5,250,000. It was listed at $5,999,000 at the time of my visit and, according to the listing history at Redfin, dipped as low as $4,999,000 in April of 2011 and rose to $5,999,000 in December of 2012.

The listing description cautions you to “Act now” to acquire “this bargain.”

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