A closer look at Mondial's smaller units

Mondial construction

Yo readers balked at the 2,725 square-foot, four-bedroom floor plan in Mondial that I posted last month, with one reader even comparing it to a student housing apartment. No student that I’ve ever met is capable of going in on an almost million-dollar condo, but a recent graduate (or his or her parents) might be in the market for a smaller place.

There are plenty of units in Mondial at the lower end of the spectrum, including one-bedrooms and units that the developer is calling “lofts.” The least expensive unit that I can find on the price sheet Jim Murrin from Koenig & Strey GMAC Real Estate sent me last month is a 689 square-foot one-bedroom condo located on the ninth or tenth floor that’s listed in the $250s (below, at left). Mondial one-bedroom floor plan Mondial loft floor plan

However, for the same price, you can get a 687 square-foot “loft” (above, at right). Curiously, the price sheet tells me that the loft has nearly twice as much outdoor space as the one-bedroom (106 square feet to the one-bedroom’s 49), but the measurements in these floor plans look pretty similar. If the loft did in fact come with more outdoor space, then I might be able to see why these two units are priced the same, but given the layouts, I couldn’t see paying as much for the loft as for the one-bedroom.

There’s a study located just inside the front door of the loft, where you might expect to find a bedroom, but because it lacks access to natural light, I guess they weren’t able to put in a door to that room. (I think I’d choose to put my bed there anyway.) What you end up with amounts to a pretty spacious studio, with a large, 9′ x 5-6″ balcony and a large walk-in closet across from the kitchen.

Assessments for the one-bedroom are estimated at $213 per month, and the loft’s assessments are expected to be about $222 per month.

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