A couch potato tour of Lakeview East apartments

In less than an hour you can tour dozens of Lakeview East’s best apartment buildings via YoChicago videos. Or you can waste an hour at an apartment rental service waiting to repeat the information you’ve already given over the phone to a rookie agent who will put you in a car and show you rundown, hard-to-rent apartments that may or may not be in Lakeview East.

What follows are video tours of twenty-four Lakeview East apartment buildings professionally managed by companies that collectively manage 1,000s of Lake View apartments. Most of these properties aren’t available to be shown by rental services – you need to contact the property manager directly.

  • BJB Properties
  • Planned Property Management
  • This is a feature that we’ll repeat each month, and we’ll have more video tours to show you next month.

    Our video tours span properties ranging from walk-ups to vintage and contemporary mid-rise elevator buildings to high-rises fronting the park. The properties all have nicely renovated apartments ranging from studios to 3-bedrooms, and all are in desirable locations. Following each video is a link to the property’s website, where you’ll typically find more pictures and floor plans.

    YoChicago video tours are full-motion, high-res narrated video with no annoying music. When we mention local attractions and dining and nightlife options, they’re truly local – within a block or two of the property.

    On to the tours, which are arranged in order from south to north, and then from east to west …

    2756 N Pine Grove, 1- and 2-bedrooms.

    424 W Diversey, studios.

    430 W Diversey, studios, 1- and 2-bedrooms.

    2828 N Pine Grove, studios to 3-bedrooms.

    2850 N Sheridan, studios to 3-bedrooms.

    420 and 426 W Surf, studios to 3-bedrooms.

    350 W Oakdale, studios and 1-bedrooms.

    441 W Oakdale, studios and 1-bedrooms.

    517 W Oakdale, studios, 1- and 2-bedrooms

    515 W Barry, studios and 1-bedrooms.

    660 W Barry, studios and 1-bedrooms.

    3130 N Lake Shore Dr, studios, 1- and 2-bedrooms.

    500 W Belmont, studios and 1-bedrooms.

    450 W Melrose, studios and 1-bedrooms.

    450, 537 and 544 W Melrose, studios and 1-bedrooms.

    537 W Melrose, studios and 1-bedrooms.

    596 W Hawthorne, studios and 1-bedrooms.

    634-42 W Cornelia, 1-bedrooms.

    3510 N Pine Grove, studios and 1-bedrooms.

    536 W Addison, studios and 1-bedrooms.

    632-34 W Addison, studios, 1- and 2-bedrooms.

    You’ll find links to many more apartment options at our at-a-glance apartment list and map for Lake View east of Halsted St. Our guide to renting in Lake View is packed with helpful tips and information.

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