Comparing Kennedy Estates floor plans

Kennedy Estate floor plan 1 Kennedy Estates floor plan 2

These floor plans seem pretty typical of the two-bedroom / two-baths that are offered at Kennedy Estates, located at 4801 N Lavergne Ave in Jefferson Park.

The one on the left measures 1,453 square feet, according to the price sheet Patricia Ahern of @properties sent me over the weekend, and it’s priced from the $310s to the $330s, depending on the floor.

The floor plan at right is actually a bit smaller, measuring about 1,427 square feet, but both of its bedrooms are larger than the home on the left. Despite the size difference, the one on the right is a bit more expensive, as it is priced from the $330s to the $360s.

The right-hand floor plan seems to have a couple of advantages over the one at left, but I’m not sure those differences justify the $20,000 price jump. There’s a large walk-in closet in the unit at right that the other floor plan lacks, and the master and second bedrooms aren’t stacked on top of each other in the one at right, which, to me, is always a better layout.

What do you think? Would you be willing to spend more on a (slightly) smaller place that has a better layout? Is Kennedy Estates still far too expensive for Jefferson Park?

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