A decade of changes for Belmont Cragin

2824 N Natchez Ave, Chicago

If you start tracking which community areas Chicago’s white, black, and Hispanic populations migrated in and out of between 2000 and 2009, you’ll notice one neighborhood where there was a whole lot of moving going on for all three groups.

Belmont Cragin, the fourth most populous community area in Chicago, saw a bigger net loss of white residents over the decade than any community area except Portage Park, according to Census data published by the Chicago News Cooperative. Conversely, it saw a bigger influx of black residents than any area except Ashburn, and of Hispanic residents than any area except West Lawn.

The changes in total number and percentage were:

  • White: -6,758 (-30.9%)
  • Black: +2,871 (+143.6%)
  • Hispanic: +8,126 (+16.0%)

The current makeup of the neighborhood is 72.4% Hispanic, 18.6% white, and 6.0% black, compared to 65.1%, 28.0%, and 2.6%, respectively, in 2000.

The average sale price of a single-family home in Belmont Cragin in 2010 was $142,926, 24.4% higher than in 1994 but 13.3% lower than in 2009, according to Chicago Magazine. There are 219 single-families listed in the community today, priced from $1,350 to $450,000.

The current median list price is $169,900, which happens to be the price of the 1,800 square-foot, four-bedroom / 2.5-bath bungalow pictured above.

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