A demo of 50 East Chestnut's high-tech features

When you enter a home in 50 East Chestnut, the lights turn on and the window shades draw, which makes it feel like the home is in sync with your every move. That’s because Chicago-based Premiere Systems has installed a home automation system that would rival the HAL 9000 computer from 2001: A Space Odyssey (minus the part where HAL kills the astronauts, of course).

In a follow-up to my January post on the customizable technology features offered at 50 East Chestnut, I met with Ken Johnson, president of Premiere Systems, for a demonstration of some of the technology features offered at that development.

Johnson says most of the work that Premiere does is in single-family homes, but the company has served a couple other condo high-rises. Of the high-rises for which Premiere has installed home automation technology, he says 50 East Chestnut is probably the most high-tech.

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