A drive through Uptown's Margate Park

On Sunday more than 20 agents hosted 40 open houses in Margate Park, the area of Uptown bounded by Lawrence and Foster avenues, Sheridan Road, and Lake Shore Drive. The “Explore Margate Park” event, coordinated by Koenig & Strey agent Brandon Vejseli, featured homes ranging from a studio at 846 W Ainslie St listed below $60,000, to a $1.59 million single-family home at 920 W Castlewood Terrace, just a few doors down from Studs Terkel’s old home.

Before touring some of these properties, I set up the camera in my car and filmed my drive around the neighborhood. Here’s the first segment, in which I enter Uptown on Montrose Avenue and pass Wilson Yard before approaching Margate Park via Clarendon Avenue.

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