Don't ignore this pillar at Legacy at Millennium Park

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Sometimes construction decisions manifest themselves as intriguing design elements. Consider this photo of Legacy at Millenium Park, a 72-story high-rise under construction at 60 E Monroe St.

Unlike the humorous treatment given to the unwanted concrete column at 565 Quincy’s model, this pillar has a vital role to play in the project.

It’s part of the tower’s structural design, and the presence of pillars in the homes permits the sheer curtain wall that will hang off the exterior of the high-rise, according to Andy Warner of Equity Marketing.

The upshot is that the project can boast a gorgeous glass facade unmarked by traditional structural elements – but homeowners must contend with the occasional support column in their living room.

Here are a few more photos from my recent visit to the sales center at 18 S Michigan Ave.

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