A Hamptonesque home in Winnetka

The current issue of our New Homes Magazine looks at the ever-escalating amenities found in North Shore homes.

A focus on big-ticket amenities can easily obscure the importance of paying attention to the small details that make a livable. Join developer Michael Hughes for a 4-part video walk-through of this newly-built classic Winnetka home where no detail appears to have been overlooked.

The home, at 339 Linden St, is listed for sale at $3,349,900 with Linda Martin of Coldwell Banker’s Winnetka North office.

If $3.3M is a bit out of your price range, another new Hughes-built home is on the market for $1,739,000 just up the street at 436 Linden.

I’ve toured well over 100 North Shore new construction homes over the past several years, and these two easily rank among the best values in their price range. Hughes contends, as a matter of fact, that he couldn’t build the 339 Linden home today at the offering price.

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