A helicopter map of Streeterville apartments

On 9/11 last year, we circled downtown Chicago multiple times by helicopter. Our goal was to capture useful images of virtually every building in a context that would make their locations easier to understand than a flat-earth map or satellite image.

The above image shows the relative location of 8 of the 9 high-rise apartment buildings in the southern part of Streeterville. Missing is the new Optima Center, just out of the frame to the right.

You can see 100s more of our aerial images of Chicago at Flickr. You can read and contribute to our apartment reviews, each of which contains additional aerial perspectives, at the following links:

ACityfront Place, 400 N McClurg Ct

BStreeter Place, 355 E Ohio St

CThe Streeter, 345 E Ohio St

DMcClurg Court, 333 E Ontario St

EOnterie Center, 441 E Erie St

F420 East Ohio, 420 E Ohio St

GLake Shore Plaza, 445 E Ohio St

H500 Lake Shore Drive, 500 N Lake Shore Dr

Pass this along to an apartment-hunting friend if you find it useful.

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