SoNo, from an owner’s perspective

Last week a couple of owners at SoNo, 860 W Blackhawk St, used the comments section of an old post to invite us into their homes. Yesterday I met up with Ryan and Kim Hamilton, both of whom who own corner units on SoNo’s 23rd floor, to find out what attracted them to the building, their particular units, and the surrounding neighborhood. We also talked about the challenges of taking over a new construction building from a developer, as SoNo’s homeowners association did in August.

In the first video from my visit, Ryan — a real estate analyst with an accounting background — talks about his homebuying process, shows me around his two-bedroom unit, and points out many of the neighborhood amenities he can see outside the north- and west-facing windows in his living room. (Mac fans – keep an eye out for our shot of the new Apple store at North and Clybourn.)

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