A luxuriously appointed new West Lakeview home

The newly-listed home at 1928 W Wolfram, in a part of North Center that’s often referred to as West Lakeview, is the latest offering from Noah Properties.

The 5-bedroom, 3 ½ bath single-family has all of the features that are Noah Properties’ signature, including coffered ceilings, an over-the-top kitchen, a large, lavish master bath, floor-to-ceiling windows in the front bedroom, two laundry rooms, two wet bars, ample storage space and a bright, high-ceilinged lower level.

This home boasts more extensive outdoor space, more elaborate cabinetry and crown moldings and wainscoting throughout the home. It’s priced at $1,499,900.

Melissa Govedarica ofSergio & Banks is our tour guide in this sponsored video.

Not long ago we walked the home with Melissa while it was under construction. Watch both videos and see how adept you were at imagining the finished product.

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