A mixologist on ice at The James hotel condos

Curious about what’s on offer in a hotel condo, the newest trend in the Chicago real estate market, we took a quick look around a suite at The James, a converted building at 55 E. Ontario St. The James opens as a hotel in April and come summer, expects to begin selling some of its corner suites as hotel condos.

The rooms we toured were suitably hip and modern, with the obligatory plasma TV and CD system with iPod adaptor, but what really grabbed our attention? Apparently a hotel patron and, we understand, a hotel condo buyer, can utilize the services of a mixologist – which we’re told is a person with mastery in fixing cocktails – in the comfort of his or her condo or hotel room.

Is there a very cool college-credit course we somehow missed? How hard can it be to concoct a pomegranate martini, or whatever is the trendy tipple of choice these days, and stick a paper umbrella in it? I guess it’s all having someone else do it for you.

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