A new construction show in Streeterville

Most Chicago high-rises are built on tight sites that impose stringent demands on construction staging. Materials are typically delivered on a just-in-time basis that affords spectators few opportunities to gape at the wide variety of substructures and assemblies that come together in a sleek, simple-appearing finished building.

When it’s complete the project that’s underway at 435 N Park Dr in Streeterville will rise more than 600 feet and include 398 apartments and about 400 hotel rooms on the south half (approximately) of the construction site pictured above. In the interim, the scale of the site and the open vistas from the west afford a rare opportunity to see the “nuts and bolts” of a high-rise in progress and watch some of the trades in action.

Stop by for the show when you’re in the neighborhood. It’s not often that you get this clear a view.

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