A quiet spot on the river in Bridgeport

It’s hard to imagine a greater disconnect than that between the ad copy touting Riverside Homes and the actual development site at the northern edge of Bridgeport.

Your Community
Suddenly, it’s all within your reach. The space you’ve dreamed of, the luxury you crave, in the neighborhood you know and love … All in a quiet spot on the riverside, convenient to the storefront shops, restaurants, and everything else you love about Bridgeport. And all available for far less than you ever dreamed possible. It’s the kind of opportunity that comes along once in a lifetime; don’t let it pass you by. Come have it all on the riverside. Welcome to Riverside Homes.

Single Family Homes starting at $485,000 and Townhomes starting at $375,000.

The Orange Line tracks and Stevenson Expressway are immediately south of this “quiet spot.” There’s a currently quiescent construction site to the east and a staging yard for a wide variety of materials and vehicles to the north. The river abuts the west end of the development.

If you’re a stranger to Bridgeport and visit the site you might simply drive by in a state of dismay. If you’re a Bridgeport native, or someone who views Bridgeport as an aspirational community, you might find yourself in agreement with what the developer of a neighboring project said to Chicago Magazine:

“Eventually, I think this area will be one of the best neighborhoods in Bridgeport,” Tadin told me back in March [2010]. “You’ll turn in off Archer to your own little enclave.”

The most recent sale at Riverside Homes was a 2-bedroom, 2 ½ bath townhome for $454,000.

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