Construction checkup: Hints of red at Mod

Mod, 1222 W Madison St, ChicagoWhat’s that? Could it be a little bit of red trim peeking through the scaffoling screen now masking the front of Mod?

You can also see the solid, cream-colored wall is up on the building’s western side, covering the bare, canary-yellow panels that we had seen for weeks. The wall has no windows, probably because a second, similar structure is slated to abut this one at some point in the near future. Until then, this blank face will be the first thing most people see when they approach the project from the west.

We’ll keep driving past Mod, located at 1222 W Madison St in the West Loop, and will report back when we can get a good look at the building’s facade.

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Rendering of Mod, 1222 W Madison St, Chicago

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