A video tour of a handmade home at Carl Street Studios

Time Magazine aptly referred to artist and artisan Edgar Miller‘s work as the “handmade home.”

When Unit 15 at Old Town‘s Carl Street Studios, 155 W Burton Pl, first came on the market several months ago we wrote that the world of Edgar Miller is one that “some find overwhelmingly attractive – and makes others want to flee.”

Dennis Rodkin’s recent video tour of the unit showcases its attractions exceedingly well, and is a great example of how video can explicate a home’s value better than any other medium. One element of value sorely missing in the video is its steps from Wells Street location and stagger-home proximity to one of Chicago’s most interesting bars, Burton Place.

The unit previously sold for $635,000 in December of 2005 and is currently listed at $549,000. Koenig & Strey’s Helaine Cohen has the listing.

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