A video tour of Chiasso’s new Wilmette showroom

If you’re shopping for home furnishings and accessories you may find it easier to head for the Old Orchard mall in Skokie rather than the traffic-clogged streets of the Clybourn Corridor.

Old Orchard mall is home to Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, Toms-Price and Williams-Sonoma. Just north of the mall you’ll find Ethan Allen and Room & Board and Chiasso, the latest addition to what’s become a home furnishings destination corridor.

The Lincoln Park-based store, which specializes in “simply modern design,” opened several months ago at 108 Skokie Blvd, in Wilmette.

I visited Chiasso’s Wilmette location recently at the invitation of Dave Spaulding, the store manager. Once inside, I experienced a bit of déjà vu – Chiasso’s visionary owner is the son of Gordon and Carole Segal, the legendary founders of Crate & Barrel, and you’ll see some resemblance to the early days of Crate & Barrel at Chiasso.

Chiasso, however, goes well beyond Chris Segal’s family heritage in the array and style of furnishings and household items it packs into the Wilmette showroom.

The most popular items at the Wilmette location are bar stools – ironic, or perhaps fitting in a village almost completely devoid of bars.

Join Dave Spaulding for a look at this fun venue, which you can also visit online.

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