A visit to Roscoe Village

Walking a neighborhood, block by block, in the company of a knowledgeable real estate agent, is the best way to begin learning about real estate values in the area and get a sense of who lives there and what it’s like to live there.

Join me for a tour of Roscoe Village with @properties’ Bob Darrow, who’s lived in the immediate area for about 8 years and knows it on almost house-by-house basis. Our tour begins at Fellger Playlot, a spot that’s typically swarming with tykes and toddlers – a group you wouldn’t have seen a scant 15 years ago.

Darrow’s blog, Your Windy City Guide, is always a good read.

Part 2 of our tour is also at YouTube, and we’ll have much more from Roscoe Village over the next week.

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