A visit to the park and dog park at 235 Van Buren

The long-awaited park immediately adjacent to 235 Van Buren in the Loop appears to be in the final stages of construction. The park is tentatively named Wacker Gateway Park.

Trees have been planted along the perimeter, and other plantings are in place or on-site. Benches and antique street lamps have been installed, and walkways partially paved. Another section of the park, identical in size to the one pictured above, is on the south side of Congress Parkway.

A surprisingly large new dog park southwest of 235 Van Buren is also nearly complete. In the meantime, dog owners from the building were frequenting the main park.

The Chicago Park District is doing its usual superb job of creating attractive new spaces that people will use and enjoy.

235 Van Buren is a Ralph Johnson-designed award-winning new high-rise condo. One-bedroom units in the building start at $198,900, 2-bedrooms at $275,900, and penthouses at $339,900.

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