A Wrigley Field view from Halsted Flats’ dog run

I visited Halsted Flats yesterday for a hardhat tour of the 15-story building, which is slated to open at 3740 N Halsted St in mid-March.

Halsted Flats will bring a string of “firsts” and “onlys” to the Wrigleyville / Boys Town section of Lake View.

For starters, it’s the first new rental high-rise to be built in the neighborhood in decades, and the only rental building in the area to offer an amenities package comparable to what’s available in the new downtown buildings. It’s the only Lake View rental high-rise with a pool.

Halsted Flats is one of the very few dog-friendly rental high-rises in Lake View, and the only one with a rooftop dog run.

The dog run, which is on the roof of the building’s 13th floor, was covered in snow at the time of my visit. The above rendering shows off the space in warmer weather and hints at the skyline views from many of the building’s apartments.

The photo at the beginning of this post was shot from the dog run. On game days residents will have a good view of the crowd at Wrigley Field and will hear their cheers as the Cubs progress to the pennant this year. Right?

Note: Halsted Flats is a YoChicago advertiser.

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