A Wrigleyville detour: the cost of parking and bleachers near the Friendly Confines

In some ways, Wrigleyville and Boys Town are worlds apart, but the two are too close not to cover in one visit. Besides, “the two coexist harmoniously,” @properties agent Bob Darrow said at the start of our recent Boys Town walk-around. (I didn’t have the camera trained on Bob when he said it, so it’s up to you to decide how much of a smirk he had on his face.)

Wrigley Field was a good place for us to discuss the parking options for buyers and renters in Wrigleyville and Boys Town. In short, ditch the car or prepare to pay.

Near the end of this segment, we pass one of the few lots bordering Wrigley that lacks a rooftop bleacher section. The home is on the market for $8.5 million, although Bob supposes the appropriate price in today’s market is about half that amount.

(As an aside, we shot this last Wednesday, prior to the start of the Dodgers / Cards series, hence the overly confident and smug tone of my voice in the opening seconds of the video. What is it you Cub fans always say — “there’s always next year”?)

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