Accurate Chicago neighborhood maps and boundaries

As the rental season heats up, a lot of Chicago newcomers, and long-time residents alike, are encountering unfamiliar neighborhood names, and are uncertain of their location and exact boundaries.

A neighborhood name encapsulates a great deal of information and is emblematic of the lifestyle, and to some extent the people, encompassed within its boundaries.

Chicagoans identify with their neighborhoods are willing to pay premium rents to live in ones that are perceived as desirable by their peers. The value differential among neighborhoods, of course, provides an incentive to rental service leasing agents to be less than honest in describing a property’s location. To be fair, locations are often misstated out of ignorance as well as intentional deception. If there’s one word that reliably describes many of Chicago’s rental service agents, it’s “ignorant.”

When you need to have accurate neighborhood boundaries, head to YoChicago’s neighborhoods page. You’ll find maps, boundaries, photos, video and related posts that will give you a good feel for an unfamiliar neighborhood. The neighborhood boundaries are the result of many hours spent over many years striving for accuracy.

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