An extra-wide Lake View home with Noah Properties’ luxury flair

Every Noah Properties home is similar to all the other ones — and distinctively different from all the others. What they have in common can be summarized in one word: flair.

The 6-bedroom home at 1518 W George in Lake View is on a 30-foot wide lot, enabling it to have graciously-sized rooms and four of its six bedrooms on the second level. The surprises in this home include an uncommon amount of outdoor space on three connected decks, one adjacent to the kitchen / family room, another atop the 3-car garage, and a third covering nearly the entire surface of the home’s roof.

The home, which is within the Burley School boundaries, was listed at $1,890,000. Like most Noah Properties’ homes it sold prior to completion.

Melanie Giglio of Sergio & Banks is our tour guide in this sponsored video.

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