An introduction to Clarendon Hills, Part 2

Clarendon Hills is a small community in Chicago’s western suburbs, adjacent to its better-known neighbor, Hinsdale.

In the first part of our introduction to Clarendon Hills we met Mike McCurry, heard a bit of the village’s history, and learned why people choose to live in Clarendon Hills in lieu of Hinsdale or the North Shore suburbs. Mike is an agent with Coldwell Banker and a 20-year resident of Clarendon Hills.

In this segment we begin a drive around Clarendon Hills, starting with the compact downtown and its locally-owned shops. We talk about real estate market conditions, including short sales and foreclosures, and get a fix on the range of housing prices in the village.

In later segments we see more of Clarendon Hills and chat about homes, schools, parks and more. We also pause for a look at a home in Hinsdale that Mike considers a “screaming deal” at a price of $1,830,000. And, since Mike played pro ball with the Minnesota Vikings in the 80s, we’ll touch on the subject of Hinsdale Central’s football team.

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