An Old Town Triangle FSBO closes near asking price

We haven’t heard much about FSBOs lately, and the topic has been so little in the news that some of you may even be unfamiliar with the acronym: For Sale by Owner.

The recent inventory-short market that’s seen multiple offers would seem ideally suited to a FSBO flurry, but the pickings appear slim at, one of the more popular FSBO advertising sites.

A FSBO listing at a property we featured five years ago closed early this month for $688,000, just above its 2008 purchase price of $680K. The 3-bedroom, 3-bath unit is in a renovated 2-flat at 1742 N Sedgwick in the Old Town Triangle. The other unit in the building was purchased for $520K in June of 2009 and resold in January of 2012 for $444,000.

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