Another landlord horror story

You guessed it — the subject is once again Horizon Realty Group and 525 West Oakdale.

When my now-deceased ex-wife first moved into 525 Oakdale she complained repeatedly to me that Florance, the on-site manager, had disconnected intercom access from the lobby to her apartment. It was one of several efforts Florance made to isolate her tenant from her tenant’s children. I relayed the complaints to Horizon Realty Group, who appeared to take no action. Phone calls to Florance, with threats of police intervention, solved the problem.

I just heard from another tenant at 525 Oakdale who also had his lobby intercom access temporarily disabled by Florance. This anonymous caller also reported an instance of mail-tampering by Florance.

More seriously, the caller’s lower-floor apartment was entered by building management on the pretext of a roof leak (6 days after the last rain) and a $600 camera was missing from his kitchen counter following the entry.

Horizon Realty Group has blown off my concerns about Florance, and informed me that “her tenants love her.”

If you are or have been a tenant of Horizon’s, especially a tenant at 525 W. Oakdale, send me an e-mail or give me a call at 773-868-4770, ext 100, and let me know about your dealings with this group – good or bad.

Note: my caller just posted his story at

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