Another new-construction option for Old Town buyers (and horse lovers)

1353 North Sedgwick in Old TownAlthough 340 Evergreen is the largest new-construction condo development in Old Town right now, it isn’t the only option in the neighborhood. Just two doors north of 340 Evergreen I found a small four-story building at 1353 N Sedgwick St with three “loft” condos and ground-floor commercial space.

We’ve seen this wedge-shaped design cropping up in several other North Side neighborhoods this past year. Because I haven’t seen a floor plan, I can’t comment on the living space, but from the street it looks like that room facing the street must have an unusual shape.

Two of the building’s three condos are currently listed on the MLS. Both homes are 1,500 square-foot three-bedroom / two-baths that are priced from the $440s to the $490s. The sign in front of the building says buyers won’t have to pay assessments for the first year, and the listings say that qualified buyers can lock in 4.5 percent interest rates on 30-year fixed mortgages.

In terms of price per square foot, these two condos at 1353 North Sedgwick are comparable to but slightly more expensive than the homes at 340 Evergreen. The four remaining condos at 340 Evergreen are priced from $287 to $329 per square foot, while the two homes at 1353 North Sedgwick are priced from $299 to $330 per square foot.

Aside from the dollars and cents, one other factor that’s hard to ignore about this building is that it overlooks the vacant lot at Sedgwick and Schiller where horses can often be seen munching on hay.

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Horses in the vacant lot at Sedgwick and Schiller

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