Another out-of-body experience in Northbrook

If you set out to find the heart of Chicago’s North Shore you wouldn’t look for it in Northbrook.

Northbrook is an affluent, attractive community, but it’s not a North Shore suburb. It has some demographic similarities to the North Shore, but its housing stock and its character are very different. And, it lacks the primary element of not bordering the shores of Lake Michigan.

A while back I shot the above video at a failed Northbrook development that had billed itself as the “Center of the Northshore” despite its location on a desolate intersection.

This morning’s news feeds included a Trib Local news release with the following quote from a developer: “Another attraction of Meadow Ridge is its location in the heart of the North Shore.”

That claim has been made often enough on behalf of Northbrook developments that it must resonate with some buyers. For many others, I suspect, it completely zeroes out a developer’s credibility and deters them from even visiting what’s likely to be an appealing development.

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